Corporation Of Natural Gas And Alternative Fuels

Step 1

Lean off the use of oil from other countries so we don't rely on them. So we should invest and do research in more efficient alternate fuels. We would do this so we stop relying on other countries, and just in case something happens to the countries we get our oil from so we have something to fall back on.

Step 2

Start using electricity, to stop pollution and cut down expenses. Vesla is car brand with an all electric engine instead of a gasoline tank. Hybrids are also accpetable to use, because it cuts down the fuel and gas requirements due to its half elcetric engine. If we cut down the use of all oil that the US uses no matter where we get it from, then that would stop the imports of oil from other countries.

Step 3

Expand off shore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Although there would be a greater chance of disaster like the 2010 oil spill in the gulf, its still a good way to stop relying off of foreign countries. We could just double the amount of oil drills so it produces double the amount of oil that the US provides for themselves.

Step 4

Biodiesel fuel is the next step in Americas future. Biodiesel fuel is domestically produced, that can be manufactured from vegatible oils. This an elternaitve to any type of oil and would go perfectly hand in hand with using elecrticity. While using biodiesel fules, Americas economy would go up, because vegtables would be in higher demand, creating great buisness for farmers.

Step 5

Solar power is a great way to get a source of energy. Solar power may be expensive but over time it pays off. If the United states issues car manufactures to use start making solar powered cars, The use of gasoline would decrease dramatically. THis is just another safe way of conversion to make elecrticity, and would benifit our economy greatly.


CONGAAF, or also known as Corporation of Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels, is a cooperation that is looking for ways to cut down the oil imports from other countries. This is because America gets a lot of oil from other countries and it’s like the U.S relies on them. CONGAAF is finding alternative fuels to take the place of oil.

CONGAAF was founded by two very smart scientists, Grant Falk and Daniel Storie. They were both roommates at Harvard when they noticed the problem and decided to do something about it. When they graduated, Falk and Storie created CONGAAF.

“This corporation is going to go far and I think it’s a great way to lean us off of relying on the oil from foreign countries” said by President Barrack Obama in a recent press conference. If Obama thinks it’s a good way to lean off of the oil imports than it must be pretty good.