Be Smart Before You Start

By: Baneet Saini

Making of Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine is a really powerful and dangerous drug. The drug comes form the Coca Plant that is located in South America. Crack Cocaine is made in factories and it is also made in your home, to make it homemade you need water, baking soda, put them on a spoon with a lighter, it will start to turn into a liquid and then remove it from the heat then the cocaine will be made.

Legitimate uses

The legitimate uses of Crack Cocaine are that Cocaine use to be a medicine for people who were sick, it was used in hospitals to cure people. The coca leaves was the medicine for wounds, and injuries.

What does Crack Cocaine Do?

After you take Crack Cocaine you have hallucinations, feeling funny, a burst of energy, and you will be very talkative. Crack Cocaine affects the brain, it affects your nose because when you take Cocaine there will be left over powder in your nose hairs and because of that you can loose your front cartilage in your nose.

Here are some short term and long term affects

Short term:



loss of appetite

increase of breathing rate,

heart rate and blood pressure

Long term:


Drug Dependancy

Unrealistic fears

skin irritation

Digestive problems

Violent behaviour

A risk of infections, heart attack

stroke and death.

Legal Consequences

The legal consequences of Crack Cocaine is Jail because crack cocaine is ILLEGAL and it is really dangerous, parol after you come out of jail and other legal consequences.

Social and Moral Consequences

The social and moral consequences of Crack Cocaine is that your relation ships with your friends, parents, husband or wife, and kids will go down because by taking this drug your behaviour is going to change and your anger is going to go on one of these people, because of that you will lose your friends, your loved ones will move away from you because they would not want to talk to you anymore these are the Social and Moral Consequences.

5 Important facts about Crack Cocaine

  1. Comes from Coca Plant
  2. Changes the way you feel
  3. You can loose your front cartilage in your nose
  4. Cocaine use to be a medicine
  5. Cocaine is REALLY dangerous

List 2 phone numbers and 2 places if you or a friend were in trouble with drugs.

  • Jasraj's house/ Number: 905-793-0249
  • Logan's house/ Number: 905-230-2072

List 3 ways to tell your friend no when they ask you to do drugs illegally

  1. NO drugs are bad
  2. No thanks
  3. Please no