6th Annual Edible Book Fair

May 3, 2013

Got Books?

Do take part in our "Edible Book Fair." Books2Eat (http://www.books2eat.com/) is the international inspiration of our event. The rules are simple: create an edible book--namely, one that is made of food and is inspired by a book. Individual students, teams, families, teachers, and classes are encouraged to participate. The first 20 entries will receive a free t-shirt.

Abbott School Library

Friday, May 3rd, 1-7pm

1313 No. 156th St., Omaha, NE 68118


April 1-May 1 Pick up entry form, fill out, and return to library.
May 3 Bring projects to library
Projects will be on view from noon to 7:30 pm.

Entry Form

Yes, I will participate!

Names of participant(s):


Print this and bring to the library or email Mrs. Ashford (pashford@mpsomaha.org).