Paul Revere

Emma M. Gorski

Family Life

Paul Revere had a dad that lived with him but soon later those years Paul Revere's dad died. Paul tried to suicide him self and tried to hang him self to go to heaven with him ,but did not make it .Paul was born January 1st 1735. Died on May 10th 1818.When Paul Revere did not have any toys whn he was little because they did not have toy company around.

Life After The Revolution

The English won the war and the declaration of independence and then left the French alone.

Role In The Revolution

Paul Revere was a solider(patriot) and faut in the Revolutionary war.

Famous For

Paul Revere was famous for his ride telling people while riding his horse that the war was going to happen.

3 Important Facts

  • Paul Revere was a solder /patriot.
  • Paul Revere faut in the Revolutionary war
  • Paul Revere is famous for his ride on April 18th 1775