UT Austin

Hook 'em Horns By: Phil Tran

School History

The state legislature reinvigorated the project in 1876, calling for the establishment of a "University of the first class." Austin was selected as the site for the new university in 1881, and construction began on the original Main Building in November 1882. Current president is Gregory L. Fenves.


The deadline to apply for Fall is December, 1. There's is a application needed to get in, and theirs a fee of $75 for in-state students. The average GPA is 3.71, SAT average is 1873 and the average ACT is 28. Should take college prep. 2 essays are required to apply, you can choose 2 of the 5 topics to write about.


Student Enrollment and Ethnicities

Ethnicity: White: 46%, Asian: 23%, Hispanic: 22%, African American: 5%, Foreign: 5% and Multiracial: 3%.

Residency: Texas residency: 90%, Out-Of-State: 8%, International: 2%

Gender: Woman: 54.4% and Men: 43.6%


The sports that UT Austin offer is soccer, volleyball, football, wrestling, basketball, baseball and etc. They do offer sport scholarships. Some inter-mutual sports are softball, flag football, dodge ball, softball, track meet and etc.

Cost of Attendance

Instate students: $26,346, Tuition and fees are $9,830, Books: $750, Rooms and Dorms: $11,456 and Other: $4,310.

Popular Major

The most popular majors at UT Austin are business, marketing, social science, engineering, communication and journalism.


*You have to sign up to email them and other students,Website:https://utmail.utexas.edu/.

Also click this link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLMJlGCXr0M