Ancient Egypt Farming

Mitchell Eggleston


They use a lot of tools such as a sickle with they used to harvest there corn and wheat.They use one key tool that they use to help plant.The tool is called a plow it turns over the dirt so the dirt can get air and the plants can get air to so they won't die.It is also used to make rows so they can plant there food and crops.

Tools We Have Now

Today we have tools and plows we have tillers and we also have a tractor witch you can hook up the plow to the back of the tractor.We now can get work done a lot faster because we have a lot more things to do in farming then they did back then.We get more things planted then them.

Future farming

Now farming will be a lot different in the future there may be no tools just robots or just tools you hit a button and it does the job for you.There may be in a big building and it grows with some type of spray that it grows huge.There would be so much so it could feed the city or a town.