EdCamp Parker County

Weatherford, TX September 20, 2014

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Join us for a day of collaboration and innovation!

#EdCampPCTX is an incredible learning opportunity for educators of all levels. It will follow the unconference model and be totally participant driven. We will see you in Weatherford, Texas September 20, 2014 for a mind blowing day of learning, collaborating, and connecting with educators of all kinds!

EdCamps are UNconference events organized by groups of educators, specifically designed to create a participant-driven, fun-filled day of professional development. Educators can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate ideas, brainstorm solutions to common education problems, have group discussions, and receive information that can immediately be applied in the classroom. Our hope is to encourage educators to learn from each other in an organic environment that ignites the idea that we are better together! We look forward to seeing ya'll soon!

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Saturday, Sep. 20th, 8am

1007 S Main St

Weatherford, TX