Peer Pressure

By: Sachreet Dhillon

Types of Peer Preasure

There are 6 types of peer preasure.

The six types include

  • Verbal peer preasure
  • Non verbal peer pressure
  • Direct peer pressure
  • indirct peer preasure
  • Positive peer pressure
  • Negative peer pressure

All the peer pressures are different although some are similar to each other for example Indirect and verbal are similar but they still have an effect which can be positive or negative.

Scenarios about Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be done in many ways I will tell you two scenarios.

One scenario can be your friend might tell you to smoke to be popular this scenario is expressing verbal and negative peer pressure.

Another scenario can be when your friends are telling you to do something like play a sport that you do not like and that can either make you realize that you will never like the sport or they have helped you find a sport that you will like a lot.

This scenario has Direct and positive peer pressure in it.