by: M.M


  • Is a bird
  • Covered in black feathers and has a white neck
  • 287 pounds (Earth's Endangered)
  • 6.5 feet tall (Earth's Endangered)
  • They squawk
  • When they get scared they bury heads in sand
  • Only has two toes
  • Lay giant eggs
  • Has claws to defend itself


  • Strong Powerful Legs
  • Can outrun for protection
  • Strong Beaks
  • Beaks clamp down hard
  • Use feathers to scare
  • In pairs or alone
  • Sleeps at night
  • Does not migrate
  • Puff up

Reasons for Endengerment

  • Hunted for feathers
  • Not being attacked as much but still endangerd
  • Killed for black feathers
  • Only hunted in Middle East

Food Chain

  • Eats shrubs, seeds, fruit, flowers, and insects
  • No teeth so it swallows pebbles to break down food
  • Go with out drinking water for several days
  • Take water baths
  • Dehydrate often
  • Fill gullet with food
  • Is a omnivore
  • Is not a predator
  • Lives in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Spanish Sandia
  • Lives in Hot and dry regions
  • Uses a nest