Culture of Eritrea

The People

Most people speak Tigrinya, Arabic, and English. Although, Eritrea has no official language. The main religions are Islam or Christianity. Around 40 percent each. Eriteans are hardworking, happy and optimistic!


The highlanders of Eritrea shake hands to greet others. If they nudge a right shoulder during a handshake then they are former fighters. They also nudge their right shoulder during a handshake when it is two male villagers. When they eat and make gestures, Eritreans use their right hand.

Life Styles

Eritreans value their family more in a group than just one individual from their family. When they get married, they do it to have an alliance. Often, the bride is around 10 years younger than the groom. For fun, entire families go to church activities, or even social get-togethers.


Eritrea is a poor nation. Although, it does have a relatively strong economy. Getting around is difficult since there are so many roads under repair. Many Eritrean childeren don't even have the oppurtunity to go to school.