Young mothers

How does young people having affect them and their child?

About me

Hi this is Devona and i am writing this blog to educate people about young mothers. I am a freshmen at Schlagle Highschool and am14 years old. My essential question is " how does young people getting pregnant at a young age affect their child and their life's. I choose this question because so many people are having children at such a young age and they are still in school. i believe young people don't realize that their life's will change after the baby comes and will have to make more and do more things such a worrie about school, making more money and other things. you should read my blog because if u have children you should pay more attation to your child because once they are in hight school their body starts to change and they become more focused on other things along with edcation. i hope you learn about the affects that will occur when you have a child at a young age