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Week of April 13th!

This week at New Haven:

Monday- Kindergarten Team Lunch!
Interview team 4:15 Office
Tuesday- SBDM meeting 4:00 Library
Wednesday- PBIS Audit
Administrative Professionals Day!
4th Grade Field trip (W/Th)
Friday- Popcorn Friday

For the good of the All:

CoNgRaTs!!!! to our 2015 KTIPers! KTIP is officially over! :) We're so proud of you all!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who helped at the dance! It was AWESOME! I'm not sure who had more fun- the kids or the adults! :) We were able to raise just about $1400 in 2 hours! :) CRAZY! -


7 Habits of Highly Effective People- I will be offering a PD / Book study for those that are interested. It will be over the summer, and will be much of what we will focus on through the school year. The PD will be for a total of 6 hours, and we will meet 2 times over the summer to discuss the book. I'm also opening this up to some parents who would like to do the study with us. For some background, this is the book that jump started the "leader in me" program, and goes along with the student book "7 habits of happy kids". This book also fits right into the mindset book study that we did last year. I'll be sending out a google form to see who is interested. My thoughts are to meet 1 time in June (mid-end), and 1 time in July. Once I see how many would like to participate we will set the dates.

Dragonflies first- A Weekly planner for your Ipad- Gives a how to use your IPAD to put lesson plans and events right in your fingertips!

Creating a Digital Class check-off list- This is a super easy way to use your ipad to create lists, and keep track of student "stuff".

Staffer of the Week: Sometimes it's just nice to be recognized for the things we do. We all contribute to the team that makes New Haven a wonderful place to work. This week's staffer of the week is Jay Young. Besides being someone the kids love to be with, we found out you've got some moves! :) Thanks for all you do for our students!
Ellen Meets the ‘Apparently’ Kid, Part 1

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