Obygn Nurse

by : Joeneisha Wallace

what is a obgyn nurse ?

Obgyn nurses help women that are in there pregnancy during labor.

Also, Obgyn nurses help teach women and teenage girls about sexual information like helping with birth control and mammograms.

Average/Salary in Knoxville Tennessee

Annual salary : for an Obgyn nurse is around fifth-seven thousand a year

Monthly salary: four thousand in Knoxville TN

Hourly : twenty eight an hourly in Knoxville Tennessee
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Educational Requirements :

1) You must obtain a nursing degree

2) Have an associate's or bachelor's degree

3) Experience as nurse before you can become obgyn

4)Computer skills / tech skills

pros of being an obgyn nurse

1)faster employment

2) well paying

3) helping bring new parents or parents joy to their lifes

cons of being an obgyn nurse

1) long work hours

2) high risk of getting sick

3) stressful work environment

Job Outlook

  • Preparing delivery rooms
  • Prepping patients
  • Sterilizing and preparing instruments
  • Caring for babies immediately after birth
  • Explaining after-birth care to new parents
Day in the Life of a Labor & Delivery Nurse