Winter Newsletter 2018

"Creating a community of Learners"

From the desk of Mrs. Harrison

Happy New Year and...brrrrr! Winter has definitely descended upon us! But with the frigid temps of winter, there also comes a renewed sense of purpose as we plunge headlong into Spring. This is truly the time that we "dig deep" into the standards, apply newly acquired knowledge, that we re-evaluate where we are as a school, and that we take our combined sense of purpose to prepare every individual child for the next level. The pride I feel for every single teacher and for every single student is boundless. The next few months are typically a time that we see great growth in our students both academically and socially. It is in January and February that we see the immediate fruition of all our hard work as parents and as teachers. If you will, take a moment as you read this, and think about how your child's reading and writing levels are now, as compared to what they were in August. It is beautiful, yes?? can only imagine what they'll be doing in June! As a mother, and now as a Principal, it is such a privilege to be able to witness that growth and to be amazed.

I cannot wait to see what awaits us in February and the months of Spring! And as always, if you need anything, my door is always open :)

Heartfully yours,

Mrs. Harrison

Beating the Odds....WE DID IT! Read below from Mrs. Harrison:

BTO schools have been named from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement. Brooks is one of them! In order to "beat the odds", an analysis compares a school's actual performance on CCRPI with the performance of similar schools. To see the complete list, you can go here:

Beating the Odds Overview and BTO Designations (you can see the complete list for CCSS--the number of 91.9 is NOT our overall CCRPI score -- this number represents our challenge points added to the baseline score. 96.3 is our overall score. )

The following school characteristics are included in the calculation:

  • Percentage of economically disadvantaged students,
  • Percentage of English language learners,
  • Percentage of students with disabilities,
  • Percentage of students in each race/ethnicity,
  • School size,
  • Student mobility, and
  • School type (Elementary, Middle, High, and schools that span grade clusters).

Inclement Weather Make - Up Plan has been adopted

Following the results of a stakeholder survey regarding student instructional time lost to inclement weather, the Coweta County School System will not use make-up days scheduled over the February winter break.

Instead, schools will address lost instructional time by adjusting and prioritizing instruction, including the use of digital instructional opportunities, as necessary. The school system will also delay the start of Milestones testing (grades 3-8) by three days for elementary and middle schools to allow for more student instruction before testing. High school End-of-Course assessments are already scheduled as late as possible within this year’s testing calendar.

March 9 (a scheduled teacher workday) has been set aside as a potential make-up day if students miss additional days due to inclement weather in the remaining weeks of winter.

After considering several options and their impacts on attendance, instruction, extracurricular schedules and transportation schedules, system officials sought public input on two options for making up lost instructional time. 9,906 parents, students and employees participated in a school system survey, held January 23-25, regarding inclement weather make-up days. 86 percent of respondents indicated that they would prefer the course of action described above.

The Coweta County School System has a flexibility contract with the state called a Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS) contract. Flexibility allowed under the contract means that the system is not required by law or state board rule to make up days that are missed. Rather, it is up to the local school system to decide how to address missed instructional time.

From Nurse Beth:

Influenza { also known as the flu } is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose,throat,and lungs. Flu symptoms can include fever,cough,sore throat,runny or stuffy nose,body aches,headache,chills,feeling tired and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Protect your child by staying away from people who are sick as much as possible to keep from getting sick yourself. If you or your child are sick,avoid others as much as possible to keep from infecting them. Also,remember to regularly cover your coughs and sneezes,wash your hands often,avoid touching your eyes,nose and mouth,and clean surfaces that may be contaminated with the flu viruses. These everyday actions can help reduce your chances of getting sick and prevent the spread of germs to others. However,a yearly flu vaccine is the best way to prevent flu illness. Keep your child home from school for at least 24 hours after their fever is gone. The fever should be gone without the use of fever-reducing medicine. A fever is defined as 100 degrees F or higher.

From Dr. Bone's Music Room:

Chorus rehearsals will start again on Feb. 5th (Mon. 2:30-3:30pm)

March 10th, 1pm Coweta County Honors Chorus Concert, Nixon Centre

May 5th, 2pm Willy Wonka Kids Musical, Nixon Centre

News from the Media Center

Mark your calendars...our spring book fair will be the week of February 5th-9th. This is also the week of our K.I.S.S. (Kids Invite Someone Special) Luncheons. Please get your reservations sent in as soon as you can. These letters were sent the week that we were out for inclement weather. I have attached a link at the bottom of this page. We hope to see you all that week when you come for lunch and visit the book fair. Valentine’s Day is the following week and students always love receiving the Valentine Book Bags we assemble during the book fair. ❤

I would like to remind everyone who has not purchased a yearbook for this school year that they will be on sale (tentatively) through April 13th. If you would like to have your child's yearbook personalized (name stamp on cover), the last day for that is February 24h. The cost of the yearbooks is $30. Ordering is easy: you can order online at or using the order form found on the site or our

Brooks Elementary website

Yearbooks arrive in May and will be given out soon after.

March 2nd is the late Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I always like to have volunteers come and read to classes. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me and I will put you on the schedule.

If your child is participating in the Six Flags Read to Succeed program, please remember that these forms are due March 1st.

Thank you for your continued support of Brooks Media Program.

Sherry Copeland

Media Specialist, ED.S

KISS Luncheon Invitation

Counseling News from Ms. Jones:

A huge "Thank you” to everyone who helped fulfill the wishes on the angel tree. Because of your generosity, you made Christmas-wishes come true :)


*Feb 3rd: Science Olympiad Practice Meet @ Newnan Crossing

*Feb 5th - 9th: K.I.S.S. Luncheon

*Feb 6th: NEWK's Spirit Night

*Feb 12th-16th: KINDNESS WEEK

*Feb 19th -23rd: Winter Break

*Feb 28th: Popcorn & Pickles

*March 2nd: SPECIALS' NIGHT - Info to come home soon

*March 2nd: Dr. Seuss' Birthday :-)

*Mar 8th: Academic Bowl @ Franklin Forest

*Mar 9th: Teacher Workday

*Mar 10th: Brooks Chorus performing @ the Nixon Centre

*Mar 23rd: Spring Fling dance

*Mar 28th: Popcorn & Pickles

*April 2nd - 6th: Spring Break


*April 27th: COLOR Run

*May 1st: NEWK's Spirit Night

*May 5th: Willy Wonka 5th grade Musical

*May 11th: FIELD DAY

*May 18th: Slip-n-Slide

*May 24th: K - 4th grade Awards

*May 25th: 5th grade Breakfast & Awards

*May 29th-31st: Teacher Workdays