Legislations within an SEN School

Non-Direct Workers Training Package

Manual Handling Operations Regulations 2002

This legislation ensures that staff must be fully trained to be able to lift the student correctly without hurting their self or the student an example of an injury may be a back injury. Therefore if you do not have manual handling, you are not allowed to lift up the student, this ensures the health of the student is protected and is left uninjured.This legislation applies to all staff members. Usually only the teachers and staff who have direct handling of the children have the training required.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This legislation gives disabled people the right to equality and ensures that reasonable measures can be made to suit their additional requirements. This is important in an SEN School because each student should have their needs catered for, and the correct facilities should be accessible to allow them to have easy access to education and also allows them to learn the life skills that are needed to ensure that they get the best posible outcome.

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Data Protection Act 199

This is the processing of personal details that has been held manually or by computer. This ensures that personal information is protected from being passed on to irrelevant people. It is important that Non direct care workers are able to maintain confidentiality of the students, this allows unwanted attention towards to the student to be avoided, therefore keeps them protected. Non direct care workers do not need details of the students, this is because they have no direct care of the students.

Equality Act 2010

This legislation ensures that every individual is treated equally no matter their; age, race, religious or political beliefs, physical or mental ability, gender or sexual preference. It is important that non direct workers and direct workers are able to promote anti-discriminatory practice. Therefore all needs should be catered for and children should not be jugded upon. Not only that but it also stops favouritism for occuring. All staff members should follow this legislation as other workers should not jugde their co workers based on their personalities or background ethics.