Tailored Suits

tailored made suit

Tips for Perfectly Tailored Suits

If you’ve made up your mind and have decided to spend a sizeable amount of cash on acquiring a new and perfectly tailored suit, getting a suit of commensurate (if not, unmatched) value can be a good value proposition. Although your tailor will keep taking your inputs, suggestions and buy-ins when it comes to the process of creating a tailored suit, heeding a few tips could make the entire process a lot easier to understand. They could also prove to be the difference between a good tailored made suit – and a perfect one.

While tailoring shops might be a dime a dozen in your neighbourhood, we recommend that you control yourself from walking in to the first one you spot. The creation of your suit will take a few weeks at least – a few days of careful research, might not go amiss. Take references and tips from friends and family for finding a suitable place, visit it and see how comfortable you feel and if you enjoy the experience, select that establishment for tailoring your suit.

After your measurements have been taken, when it comes to choosing the style for your suit, think traditional – if this will be the only suit in your wardrobe. Select styles that will never become obsolete, while getting a suit that enables you to wear it for as many occasions as possible. For shirt patterns, ensure they complement the suit and opt for whites and blues that enhance the overall impact of the suit and its wearer. Add-on features like elbow pads should be of darker colours usually – however, ensure that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. The advice from your tailor can be invaluable since he would have constructed many suits for several customers over years of experience. Hence, give your suggestions but do not hesitate to seek your tailor’s opinion on your suggestions. While you may think that certain things would enhance your suit, they may not be suitable for you.

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