The Grade is Back!

1st Session August 9th - Register Now!

Dear Incoming Sophomores,

Don't miss out on your second year of The Grade! During the sophomore seminars you will be introduced to many professionals in diverse fields. This will give you a better idea of what career you want to pursue, and provide networking opportunities for summer jobs and internships. The one-on-one mentoring will also help you stay focused on your academic and personal goals. Here is a schedule for the year, including Grade sponsored study days:
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If you would like more information on this year's seminar. The seminar coordinator is Dan Murphy | | 917-224-7851

If you have friends in other grades who may be interested in The Grade, I have attached this year's brochure to this email. Feel free to pass the word along.

Hope to see you this Saturday!


Alex Hoff
Director, The Grade