Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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In Ocho Rios you can go take a walk on the beaches or spend your time climbing the Dunns River Falls. The Dunns River Falls is a waterfall that is so big people climb for something to do for the day. It takes approximately 1/2 hour to climb the waterfall because it is so big. there are other activities to do but those two were my favorite things to when I went to Ocho Rios. Down below is a picture and a video of the Dunns River Falls.
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Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica


There are many restaurants to eat at in Ocho Rios but a great one is The Bizot Bar and Restaurant. That one is the best because it has all the foods we would eat here and it has the traditional Jamaican food. The restaurant is located right by their fresh water swimming pool and on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Below is a picture of the view you have when you are eating there.
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The weather in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is 79°F in January and is a higher degree in every other month. For my birthday month (December) the average temperature is 81°F. The sun is always out and it's not rare to see rain. The average water temperature for every month is above 81°F! The weather is amazing in Ocho Rios and is a great place to go!
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Where to stay...

There are many places to stay, but a good one is Beaches Resort. Beaches Resort is a very nice place that has water slides, swimming pools, boat rides, water sports, golf, land sports, scuba diving and of course beaches! This resort will make your stay better than ever. Also below is picture of beaches resort.
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The food in Ocho Rios is almost all sea food. They do have food we eat here, but they mostly have sea food. their food is a lot of shrimp. All of their food is freshly caught from the ocean and cooked right on the grill. Their food is good and can be healthy.
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