GVMS Parent Newsletter

September 18, 2020


As a result of our efforts, all students will be successfully prepared for life in a safe and nurturing environment.


At GVMS we are a community of self-directed learners, engaging in cooperative work which creates citizen scholars and successfully prepares students for life.

Important Information:

If we did have to close - School Closure Information!

Hello from GVMS,

As you may have noticed other schools around the state have had to close due to COVID-19. We have been fortunate to have in person learning. However, it is wise to have a plan B.

If we were to have to close down, whether as a whole school or as a cohort closure, this is what to expect:

  • Day One of closure: All impacted classes go live at 9:00 AM for CREW the first day of closure. Students will receive information; class links; and expectations to get them ready for day two.
  • Day Two of closure students/staff will use the same "in building" schedule like we did for Virtual Monday, see below:

All impacted classes/students will be expected to attend classes virtually starting with CREW at 7:45 AM. Your teacher/s will make the Google MEET links available to you. If you can't find your link please contact your teacher. We will use our regular “in building” schedule as our guide and attendance will be taken for each transition(change of teacher).

Free School Meals see below:

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Challenge Course

Our first group of students went to the challenge course today and it was amazing! Students had the opportunity to experience the all aspects of the challenge course. Check out the attached pictures.

Dates for students attending the challenge course are:

September 25 - Purple Hall Students (all signed paperwork due Thursday September 24th)

October 2 - Red Hall Students (all signed paperwork due Thursday October 1st)

Please look for the paperwork packets being sent home with your students. Sign all paperwork and get it turned in. No alternative slips, late slips, or phone calls will be accepted.

If you have questions please call (970)285-5707

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We are finishing up all "in person" testing over the next week.

Forms and Handbook