Student Led Classroom

How does this work exactly?

Health, Physical Education, and Adaptive PE Are All Very Different!

September and October brought a great many changes in my classroom. Trying to incorporate all the elements of a student led classroom was overwhelming to say the least. So many of the tasks I assumed that high schoolers could handle, but I was wrong. Lists are needed for classroom jobs, and discussions need to be had around those jobs not being completed. Sharing did not come easily, and it became evident that mini lessons needed to be completed around technology tasks in order to ensure not all students wanted to complete a power point for their projects. In Physical Education, a field trip for our Education students did allow for a very successful student led classroom. One of the best experience in Adaptive PE to date.
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10/10/15 EDnado Conference

At the EDnado conference I was fortunate enough to attend a session by Wendy Morales, Twitter: @Fabhistory Her session about her Genius Hour Project drove home the portion of a student led classroom that has been most successful for me to date. Thanks to Mr. Solarz's book, Learn Like a Pirate, I have introduced Genius Hour to my students. My students are beginning to pick-up steam, and it's taking less and less effort to motivate them. Wendy's session took us through her experience using Genius Hour and my biggest take away's were Pitching the ideas to classmates, Blogging their experience, hence this new format for my blog, and lastly was recording the final projects using a microphone to avoid having to re-record final projects. Thanks Wendy!!!

Additional Takeaways from my EDnado Experience

Flipping with Innovation, and an awesome GAFE session will motivate me to give Google a try again!