A moment so many of us have been waiting for!

A moment so many of us have been waiting for!

We've all seen the negative press and blogs written about OneCoin by anonymous and ignorant writers. Many have ulterior motives trying to re-direct online traffic to their own special offers or to gain more visitors to their websites and sell advertising on their blogs.

Well now we have a piece of positive credibility that is sure to combat the negative press.

We are so excited to announce that Financial IT, a leading authority in financial technology, recently announced they are performing a full cover story on Dr. Ruja Ignatova and the OneCoin vision. In their newest issue to come, Dr. Ruja Ignatova will be featured on the cover of this magazine and there will be a 2 page article sharing OneCoin's story & vision to the world.

When asked why he decided to do this, owner of Financial IT ( Chris Principe stated "When I first heard about OneCoin, I thought it was either a scam or a pyramid scheme. After researching further and getting an opportunity to interview Dr. Ignatova, I was absolutely impressed with the technology backing OneCoin and their block chain, as well as excited about their vision for today's economy. OneCoin is leading the charge of acquiring the masses into the crypto currency shift across the globe. They're doing an amazing job at taking what normally is the complicated idea of crypto currency and making it ultra simple and easy to understand so anyone can get involved and profit from it."

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