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The Busy Bees

Upcoming Events

There will be no school on January 20th due to the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday. There

will also be no school on Tuesday for the students. Teachers will be working!

January 24th - Report Cards will go home

February 4th - Dr. Doug in house science field trip - Roly Poly

February 17 - No School for students - Teacher Professional Day

February 26 - Early Release

Our Week at a Glance

In our stations this week:

Orange: Students will be making a TLC Martin Luther King, and discussing the parts of a story. After listening to a story, students will be putting it in order.

Pink: Students will be identifying , highlighting, the letter Uu and stepping stone words that we have learned, in their Uu book.

Green: Students will match words to pictures in I am a Snowman. They will also be learning how to use a word bank to label a picture of a snowman.

Yellow: Students will be writing, identifying and reading My Uu Book. They will also be working on writing a sentence that is dictated to them, writing all the sounds and words that they hear.

Check out some pictures of The Busy Bees decorating Gingerbread Housees!

Remember To Dress your Busy Bee Warmly!

New Book Share Form

Please notice that the book share form has changed. Students will need to make 3 illustrations to show beginning, middle and end of their book. Please remember to send in the book for them to also be able to share! The form will also be on the website. Click the link below