Orange Smoothie

How to Make an...

The Perfect Morning Beverage

Everyone could use a little change in their lives. Try switching out your normal morning glass of OJ with a refreshing twist that is sure to jumpstart your day. The Orange Smoothie contains fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish your body and replenish vitamins for a quick start to your busy day. Also, try giving this a shot with your children. It tastes great and the kids will never know you snuck in vegetables! A great way to stay healthy and still enjoy what you drink.

You're Going to Need...

1 Blender

1 Hand full of Ice

½ - 1 Cup of Orange Juice

½ - 1 Cup of Greek Yogurt

1 Peeled Orange (Fresh or Frozen)

½ - 1 Peach (Fresh or Frozen)

1 Shredded Carrot


Add any of your favorite fruits or vegetables to the mix for a custom smoothie experience.


1) Prepare all fruits and vegetables by chopping and peeling them

2) Take a handful of ice and your 1/2 - 1 cup of orange juice and put in the blender

3) Take the rest of your fruits and vegetables and add them to the blender

4) Blend on high for 30-45 seconds

5) Pour in individual cups and enjoy!

Chief Smoothie Engineer

Ever since he was a little boy, Lucas has been perfecting the perfect smoothie recipes. He has finally released his list of never before seen smoothie recipes and hopes you enjoy every last one of them.