Broad River Basin

By Hayley and Justin

Facts about the River Basin

The river basin contains more than 100 rare species of plants and animals. One of the rarest globally known White Irisette. Some of the animals is the bog turtle, The crevice salamander and the rare Indiana bat. The Broad river basin is the only place where you can find the aquatic salamander. Also it has the Snail Bullhead, The creeper (mussel) , Broad river stream crayfish, and the Variable Spike. The broad river basin is a total of 1513 miles long including the streams and rivers. There are 8 counties within the river basin. There are 1954 acres of lakes in the river basin. It is 1514 square miles. As of 2010 the population is 203,803. It goes through 8 counties. Some major tributaries are the Green, First Broad, Second Broad and North Pacolet Rivers.

Hiking and Biking

there is a lot of people who go hiking and biking.people enjoy doing this thing all the time it is like the best thing to do. You can hike and bike at the chimney rock state park, green river game land, Norman wilder forest.

Location and Landforms

The Headwaters of the Broad River Basin is near the south side of the rugged mountains. Some important places in our river basin is Green river, Lake summit, Broad river, Chimney rock state park and Lake Lure.