BY: Natalie Portonova-Nolan

General Information

  • Definition: Wind is the horizontal movement of air of high pressure to an area of lower pressure
  • Cause: Differences in air pressure and uneven heating from the sun
  • Measured: Anemometer

Local Winds

  • Definition: Winds that blow over short distances
  • Cause/Created: Unequal heating of Earth's surface in a small area
  • Sea Breeze: During the day, warm air rises from the land and the cool air from the sea blows toward the land.
  • Land Breeze: At night, the warm air from the ocean rises and the cool air from the land blows out towards the sea.

Global Winds

  • Definition: A wind that blows steadily over a long distance
  • Cause: Unequal heating of Earth's surface in a large area
  • Creation: Parts of the Global Winds are Prevailing Westerlies, Jet Stream, Horse Latitudes, Northeast Trade Winds, and Doldrums. That is all the parts needed for creating the Global Winds.