Tonya's Tech Tips


Printers Fixed!

This district has finally rolled out a fix for our printer issues this year. Students should now be able to print from a desktop or laptop. It should also default to the nearest printer. If you find this is not accurate, please write a work order or let me know!

Google Tips

Add a Star to Files & Folders

I have a select amount of folders and files in my Google Drive that I access on a daily basis. Did you know you could add a star to the file or folder to save you time? For example: My daily announcement slides I display in class or the media center sign-out sheet.

Convert Word files to Google Docs Automatically

Switching your word documents? Want to same time? Select this setting and every time you upload a word document, it converts automatically to a Google Doc! See Below:

Google Classroom Update!

Help a Student Out!

PLEASE use ONLY PDFs or all Google (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms) in Google Classroom. Word, Excel, PowerPoint will not allow students real-time collaboration or typing onto the sheet either! You would be surprised how many students we have to do not even have Microsoft at home.

What's New in Formative Assessment?


  • Formative everything! Goes beyond multiple choice.
  • Real-time intervention
  • Assign through Google Classroom, quick code or link!
  • FREE for teachers and students


  • Quizizz can gamify with custom questions
  • Keeps track of scores on a leaderboard
  • Shows funny memes after you answer questions
  • NEW- Homework Quiz option
  • NEW- Shares to Google Classroom!
  • Free!