BIS Newsletter - Week 7 Term 2 2022

Thursday 16th June, 2022


Kia ora e te whānau,

An important school value is the value of belonging. This is about celebrating inclusion and ensuring that everyone who is in our school community feels valued and that difference is celebrated. We do this really well at Birkdale Intermediate and Pride Week was another great example of how we celebrate and acknowledge diversity.

I am always surprised when students talk to be about aspects of the Rainbow Community. Mainly, because I am sure that I was no where near as well informed at the age of 11 or 12 as our students are today. They know a lot more than I did and they have access to a lot more information than I did. It is important that we spend time ensuring that the information they have is accurate and appropriate. This is one of the reasons we chose to participate in Pride Week. It gives us the opportunity to discuss aspects of Pride Week that students may have questions about or misconceptions. Knowledge is powerful whereas ignorance can lead to a lack of tolerance and understanding about other people.

The more important reason that we participate in Pride Week is to ensure that students who are part of the Rainbow Community feel valued. We want every student to celebrate who they are and love themselves exactly the way they are. Being inclusive means that we share the message that we are not all the same but we are all of equal value and our diversity is something to celebrate.

Thank you to everyone who chose to support our Rainbow day by dressing up or participating in the bake sale to raise funds for Rainbow Youth. We saw a lot of students feeling proud of who they are, taking on leadership roles to decorate the school, promote Pride Week and sell cakes at the bake sale. Our photos also show that this was a day of smiles, laughs and friendship.

Enjoy the weekend. Fingers crossed for sunshine.

JoAnne Sutton

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Our Local Shops and Walking to and From School

We have recently had some behaviours from a small group of our students that have upset local shop owners. The shop owners have shared footage with our senior leadership team of our students kicking down signs outside the shops and distracting the staff while other students steal items from the shop. This is happening outside of school hours. Our advice to the shop owners is to share the footage with the police as these students are committing crimes and it is not acceptable. We believe that our students know the difference between right and wrong and they are choosing to behave in a manner that is not ok. Being 11 or 12 years old is not an excuse to steal or vandalise.

We are supporting our shop owners by putting up signs in shops reminding our students about our school values and we are reinforcing to all students that they are part of this community.

However, we also feel that it is important that this message is reinforced at home and that parents know where their children are before and after school and what they are doing. We are often asked the question, "What's the school doing about this?". We are doing as much as we can within our school hours and within our roles as educators. We cannot solve all issues on our own and we need support from all of our whānau.

We are aware that if your child is hurt, bullied or subjected to inappropriate language on their way to or from school, you want us to do something about this. We also want every child to be safe walking to and from school and we are constantly reinforcing the message of care for self, care for others and care for the environment. The percentage of students who are not getting this message is very, very small but they cause a lot of angst for others.

We are asking that all parents take the time to talk to your own child about being part of the community. Please talk about the role of being a responsible citizen. Sometimes, this means standing up for others, telling on those who do the wrong thing and saying 'no' when others try to convince you to do the wrong thing.

We would also ask that you take the time to acknowledge that it is not "all intermediate students" but a very small group who are behaving inappropriately. The huge majority of our students are well mannered, respectful and positive members of this community. Let's acknowledge them more than we acknowledge those who are still learning how to behave in a responsible manner.

We thank you for your support with this.

'Inside Dali' Art Trip

We were very lucky to be invited to take 30 students to the incredible 'Inside Dali' Exhibition at Spark Arena on Wednesday. Students attended a workshop with Whaea B to learn more about the life and Surrealism Art style of Salvador Dali. They were guided through the exhibition by the lovely Suzy Cato, and toured through the 'behind the scenes' areas of Spark Arena with their production staff.

In the words of Dali himself: "There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad." ~ Salvador Dali, 1904-1989

Girls Rugby Zone Day

The team headed to Northcross to take on Northcross and Glenfield. Coached by Alex and Anthony of Harbour Sport the girls were in good hands. Glenfield and Northcross played first where Northcross completely dominated our neighbours. We then took on Glenfield and lost 10-5 with a stand out try by Paegan. We then went on to take on the very impressive Northcross where we again lost by 10-5 with Tahli showing her speed. The day was fantastic the girls played some great footy.

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Hockey Zone Day

Last week the boys Hockey Zone day took place at Rosedale Park. Papa Hone took the students with the help of the coach Sharleen Nancekivell, heres what she had to say.

“We had a fantastic day out today, a great bunch of kids. Great to see those that had never played Kingston, Keiren and Archie learning so fast and showing off their natural skills. And also great to see our experienced players coaching and encouraging others and playing so well as a team. Special mention for outstanding effort in goal by Ryder who was also brand new to hockey and was really owning the position by the end! Very impressed with the positive attitude from everyone.

A huge thank you to Luke Walsh who was a sort after umpire including being asked to umpire the final match for 1st and 2nd.

And thank you Hone you were a great support with the kids, helping me get them to all their games.

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Rugby Zone Day

Our Open weight team was coached by Alex and Anthony. The boys headed to Freyberg Park in Browns Bay. They had some tough competition playing Northcross in the first game. Nikau and Teina were tough in defence all day and the boys played well. Well done to Kaden and Teina who scored a try each and Nikau who scored 2.

Our u55Kg Restricted team was coached by Bevan. They had a good win and placed 2nd in pool play. Blake lead the team from the front and was our leading try scorer. The rest of the team made some exciting runs and Jackson made some hard hitting tackles.

Pasifika Fit

We have a group of students that train with Pinamoni from Pasifika fit. Last wednesday we had some attend fitness testing at A Fitness Gym at the ASB tennis park in Oteha Valley Road. The kids worked super hard. Thanks to Alex and Whaea Olive for helping with transport.

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Cross Country

We will be holding our school Cross Country on Tuesday 5th July. Training will begin on Monday so it is advised that students either wear old running shoes or bare feet while training. There will be 5 races on the day- year 8 Girls, Year 8 Boys, Year 7 girls, Year 7 Boys competitive. The top 10 places will represent the school at the cross country zone day in term 3 on the 10th August. All sports camp members are required to participate in the competitive races.

The fifth race will take place after lunch with the whole school, walking, wading or skipping around the non-competitive course. By then our course is usually a bit muddy and students are allowed to wear fun old house colours. Towels are necessary and so is a change of clothes. We are looking to holding another fun event.

2022 40 Hour Famine

Kia Ora Birkdale Intermediate Whānau,

We need your help to make a difference for the 800 children that die every single day without access to clean water.

Right now, we have everything it takes to bring life-saving water to children in the world’s toughest places. And give their communities the tools to keep clean water flowing for years to come.

Together, we can shape history – please sponsor us today!

Please join Birkdale Intermediate fundraising team!

It's easy to do, simply follow this link to create your own profile, join

Birkdale Intermediate team and help us reach our goal.

Important Dates:

Monday-Friday, 20 June to 1 July - M/Tea $1 Ice blocks & Raro

Thursday, June 23rd - M/Tea "Orange" Bake Sale

Friday, July 1st - "Orange Day" Dress your best for a gold coin donation

World Vision 40 Hour Famine Challenge 1–3 July.

40 Hours. Choose your challenge. Let’s go!

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Monochromatic Painting

This term in Visual Arts we have been working on Monochromatic Painting. We have learnt about colour theory, and colour composition. We created gradients: coloured tints by mixing white and colour shades variations by mixing in black. Our monochromatic acrylic paintings look amazing and only feature one chosen colour! This is our progress so far...


Over the last few weeks, the BIS Enviro Club has been working with Pest Free Kaipatiki to identify pest plants and animals in our local community. We have been supported with some amazing resources and education and are now learning how to manage the pests we have identified. We have found and removed moth plant and wooly nightshade and are now aware of other species to look out for in our own gardens. We are also learning how to use traps and we are hoping to see a boom in our native bird population through our efforts.

The Enviro Club is also holding a Bake Sale at Morning Tea on Tuesday, 21st June to help raise funds for more fruiting trees and shrubs for our developing food forest.

The Great BIS Library Amnesty!

Worried about that library book that you forgot to return at the end of the school year?

Worried about that library book that you "borrowed" and forgot to put back?


Return those long-forgotten BIS Library books to the office with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Our EMPTY SHELVES are waiting to receive those LONG-FORGOTTEN books!

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday 22nd June - Matariki Student Social

Friday 24th June- Matariki, Public Holiday

Friday 1st July- 40 Hour Famine begins

Term 3 - Parent Teacher Interviews

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Link to TERM 3 Creative Creatures Enrolment Form

Enrolments now open. After School Art Workshops will run on a Friday after school next term as we now have the talented Miss Powell joining our team of Creative Creatures. Enrolments to Whaea B in the Art Room - Limited Spaces Available.

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ART DAY FOR CHILDREN (ages 7 - 12 yrs.) With step-by-step instruction children will draw then create a vibrant acrylic painting learning tips and techniques along the way. Fun and focused. Venue: Beach Haven Community House, July 13th, 10am - 3.00pm. Cost $60  Bookings, ph. 0211327033 or 0210606641

Hospice needs your help!

Mums, dads, grandparents, carers, aunties, uncles… your local Hospice shops have been hit hard by Covid-19 and we really need your help. Come and volunteer with us! Just one three-hour shift per week will make such a difference to us. Flexible weekly shifts are available to fit in around your lifestyle, and our volunteers have so much fun and really enjoy the company of the other volunteers and shoppers. Come on your own or bring a friend and help Hospice care for your community. Call into your local shop and talk to the manager or contact your local Hospice.


Please contact to advertise your community event in this space.

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