Happy Birthday Kali

From Kaitlin Luciano

Your birthdays here !!!

Beautiful Years

Happy birthday, favorite cousin of mine,
How old are you? Where is the sign?
I'm just kidding, I know your age,
Another chapter, another page.

Now I'm serious, jokes aside,
You are beautiful - deep inside!
I can only say good things,
Your personality, joy it brings.

My cousin? You are more -
Wonderful lady, that I truly adore.
Just want to wish you, birthday cheers,
And many more beautiful years

Kalis Birthday

Wednesday, June 5th, 9-11pm

This is an online event.

Happy birthday !!! I love you... I remember when you were in diapers, honestly I thought you were the cutest baby of all the grandkids. ( Don't tell emmy) I've gottent he priviledge to watch you grow up over the years. It feels like just yesterday we were kids playing horses in the living room waiting for treats. But now your all grown up and its sad that you've grown up so fast. But i guess time flies when your having fun. Let me tell you a little secret though, when your a kid you always wish that you would grow up but I wish I had spent more time focusing on being a kid instead of wanting to grow up its not fun. I wish there was a day where we could all go back to the yogi bear days. So enjoy being a kid while you can

Your Special and Perfect In Every Way