Be More... Digital APRIL 2014

Learning Opportunities

Are you capable of driving Telefonica’s transformation to a Digital Telco?

Do you want to have more efficient meetings using Virtual Meeting Tools?, collaborate with Yammer? or maybe learn how to manage better change?

Have a look on the Development Opportunities that the Organisational Development Centre of Excellence have planned for this month, register to the sessions and we will be in touch with more details.

Adobe Connect / Basics

“Be More with Virtual Meetings”

Have you considered using digital tools to increase impact in your meetings? Is your team spread in different locations and you need an effective way to connect with them?

Learn to use the new Telefonica Virtual Meeting tool, explore the basics and try some tricks


Yammer / Basics

“Collaborate and get work done with Yammer”

An open and connected workplace is a better workplace. Learn how this digital tool could enhance your day to day work, help you collaborate across teams, share information in the open, and get work done!


Managing Yourself Through Change

Do you sometimes find yourself asking, why did I behave like that? Being aware of our behaviour helps build our resilience as individuals, so take some time to build skills for managing stress and thrive in this VUCA world. This session is following on from the Resilience workshops in the summer, and will look at specific skills and tools. If you want to work on confidence and stress management then this session is for you.


Skills for Succeeding in a Virtual Workplace

Understand how virtual cooperation in a global world can add value to daily work. Learn what are the characteristics of a virtual workplace and what capabilities are required to be successful.


About us...

We are the Organisational Development Centre of Excellence, part of the HR European Team, and we believe in discovering & connecting the “learning” in all of us.

What do YOU want to learn?