Holes Parker Lopez Block 2

by louis Sachar

Camp Green Lake

All these kids did something bad insted of going to jail, they go to camp green lake and dig holes. The wordan is trying to find something from marry kate. Marry kate lived in a small town. Marry kate wanted to marry a black man but that wat agenst the rules.

the setting of the book is in a dryed out river in the middle of nowhere.

the conflect of the book is these bad kids have to dig holes for there punisment. and if they find somthing they show it to the wordan and if he likes it then you get the rest of the day off. The symbolism in the story is the holes they are digging it is there punisment but they are also looking for something.


there are a lot of characters in the book holes the main character is standley he got in truble for stealing shoes so he went to camp green lake. The other characters in the book are the warden and Mrs. marry Kate. Marry Kate has this nail polish made by rattle snake venom if you get in trouble at camp green lake she will slap you. Standley got in trouble so the warden brought him to Mrs. Marrry Kate. She did not slap standley she lapped the warden. The next day the warden had a huge scar on his face. At the end of the book standley gets to go home and it starts to rain the boys ran out side and played in the rain it does not rain at all at camp green lake.