Middle School C.A.T.S.

Program Update, Issue 2

6th Grade

Wow! It is hard to believe the 1st semester is coming to an end. Students have studied the Ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. They investigated the structure and function of the eye and ended the unit with an eye dissection. Currently, students are working on mystery radio shows to study plot development and writing in dialogue. When we return in January, students will finish their mystery writing and study ancient Greece, astronomy, and Rome. We will end the year with a trip to the Challenger Learning Center.

If you missed the dissection slideshow, here it is! http://goo.gl/htWrFM

7th Grade

The students have been studying Geography concepts such as map skills, economics, and government types. A few weeks ago the students completed a 10-year simulation on the stock market to learn how it works and what it is like to invest. They were encouraged to buy and sell stock and use the correct vocabulary throughout the entire unit. Ask your child what profit they made!

Currently, students are working on a project called Kiva (www.kiva.org). Students have been researching and discussing how to help improve an individual's and country's standard of living. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is also a factor students are analyzing to understand the living standards in other countries. This organization (Kiva) helps fund others who need various loans. Each student has found a loan recipient they would like to fund and have researched the country. When we return from the break students will give a presentation to persuade the class to give our $100 loan to their recipient.

Right now our loans are hypothetical. If anyone is interested in helping us fund our $100 loan, please considered buying us the gift of a Kiva gift card. What a wonderful learning experience it would be for the students to see this come full circle.

After the winter break, we will finish these projects and begin to work on our competition Extempore' as well as travel to different regions around the world.

8th Grade

Students are working diligently on the Central Challenges for Destination Imagination. Please encourage your student to gather supplies and work on costumes. When we return from break, we will have 21 class days before competition day is here. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to be an appraiser. We are all set to go!!
Have a wonderful break!

Liz McClure