st lucia

by Avyona

the capital land and water that border it terrain area and population

the area total 616 sq land 606 sq km water 10 sq km country comparison to the world 193 the capital castries the population is 16;922 {july 2015 est.] comparison tp the world 187

st lucia capital

saint lucia is castries


the culture of st lucia lucia blends the influences of african french an english heritage

the economy

aint Lucia’s relatively efficient legal system secures private property and sustains macroeconomic stability. The business environment is generally efficient and transparent, and the regulatory framework has become streamlined. Tourism is the primary driver of the economy and the main draw for foreign investment.

the activities

Enjoy an easy catch that is great for fisherman of all skill levels as you bottom fish along the waters of St. Lucia. Sit back and relax and let your baited line and trolling boat do all of the work.Embark on an all-terrain adventure for 2 in the seat of an off-roading vehicle. Feel the thrill of the ride as you journey through some of Saint Lucia's most beautiful spots. Enjoy expert guidance and instruction from your local guide and hang on, it's a double dose of dirt on this ATV excursion.Enjoy the thrill and excitement of ziplining from platform to platform along 11 lines, gliding over the forest canopy while catching a bird's-eye view of St. Lucia's tropical vegetation and lush scenery.