The Adventures of Tom sawyer

Book by Mark Twain Project by Cassidy Collins

Summary of the Book

Tom sawyer is a book about a kid named Tom Sawyer and he did not show up to school on Friday and getting his school cloths dirty in a fight tom his aunt made him whitewash the fence on Saturday at first tom was disappointed because he now has to give up one of his days off but he then tricks his friend to do his work for him for a small treasure so that his Friend was now painting the fence he then trades these for tickets given out in Sunday school for memorizing Bible verses and uses the tickets to claim a Bible as a prize but tom the loses his glory when he answers a question wrong to show off how much he knows he incorrectly answers that the first two disciples were David and Goliath then the rest of the book is about his advancers with huckleberry fin

Reason the book was found objectionable

This book was banned because Mark Twain wrote this book in the deep south and at that point in time he wrote in a time period where he truly and accurately described the time period but this book was banned because it used the word “nigger” to describe his African American friend and this recently started to upset some people and they decide to take this book to court and have it removed from high School reading lists

Year the ban attempt was made or the date of the most recent attempt

The book was challenged in Waukegan, Illinois. The announcement in 2011 of a new edition of Huckleberry Finn that would replace that word, and "injun", with less offensive words and then again sued by parents who want the book dropped. In Tempe, Arizona, a parent's lawsuit that attempted to get the local high school to remove the book from a required reading list went as far as a federal appeals court in 1998. (The court's decision in the case, which affirmed Tempe High's right to teach the book, has some interesting comments about education and racial tensions.) The Tempe suits, and other recent incidents, have often been concerned with the use of the word "nigger", (John Mark Ockerbloom)

My opinion on the reason it was banned

I do not think that this book should be banned because we now live in a word were everything that is published people are worried about its political correctness which I don’t think need to come out in are book I believe that things being politely correct should be left for the politics and stay out of what we do and say on a daily bases including what we read because this book was written in a time where using the word “Niger” was common place I don’t think that we have the right to change the whole book just because the uses of this word is frown upon

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