Scientific Photographer

What do they do?

A Scientific Photographer is someone who records experiments, illustrates scientific information and analyse the hidden world around us, using a variety of specialist photo imaging techniques, such as infrared, ultraviolet, time-lapse, thermal imaging, and micrography.
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  • A Scientific Photographer not only takes photos, they are allowed to see things more interesting in revealing hidden attributes of the world around us.


  • The work to become a Scientific Photographer requires a dedication and care which is not always necessary in other forms of photography.
  • They must be able to select and use the best equipment and techniques for the job.
  • Also, when looking into the job, Scientific Photographers should have a strong interest in science and a sound knowledge of physics and optics.

Is This The Job For You?

  • Usually employed by government departments, by research establishments or universities.
  • Not usually self-employed.
  • Average Salary is $38,486, with a salary range from $30,200 to $46,772