Semester exam

Jaci Bolling


Teaching - December 9th, 2015 I did my first mini lesson. I taught greater than and less than. I made the signs into alligators because I figured they would be able to remember and have fun with it.

In October I went to the Pumpkin Patch with the kindergartners to learn about how pumpkin grows. We went through a corn maze where a lot of kids got lost so i had to find there teacher, we also went on a hay ride where we

Recreation - We drew names for a secret Santa.

Appreciation of Leaders - For Christmas we made a block with either the name of our teacher or a word and wrote them a letter.

Fundraising - Nothing

Leadership - After school I usually go help a first grade teacher cut and print activities for her students.

Education Awareness- We had a college day,were the some colleges came out and gave little description of what they had to offer and also the tuition.

Service Projects - Nothing because I failed to bring in canned foods for the drive.


This is a link to me documenting everything I have been doing in my classroom.

My Future as a Teacher

If you ask some students what they plan on being in the future they may tell you, "Im really not sure", or "thats like two years from now I don't need to worry about it now". Well if you ask me I would say, I have my life planned out for the most part. I want to teach Biology or Agriculture for high schoolers. I have four different colleges in mind but the one I want to go to the most would be Southern Arkansas. They have a great program for teaching and also biology.