Women & Children on the Goldfields

by Kenneth


Chinese men didn't bring their wifes and children to the goldfields.

Roles and Responsibilties

Some women work in shops like Martha Glendinning. She sold blankets,flour,sugar,jam bottled fruit,candles. Women cook,sing,dance, were shop keepers, provide care for the children and make bread and jam.


Other women help women when they gave birth. People drank muddy water and died. 200 children died on the hill. Profeeional Men would often have 5 jobs to do like a barber docto and dentist.Nurses and medicines were limited in the goldfield.

education and children

Children moved schools often as their parents kept moving to richer goldfields.Often there was no schooling because there was no school built.School were made from tents.The roof was made from a canvas material.Most girl don't go to school because their mothers teach them house work.Parents saved money so their children don't go school.
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