SAVE THE Green Turtle

We can save the Green Giants!!


A green turtle is the fastest swimming turtle in the world. Its smooth shell is olive green and yellow. A green turtle is based on the color of their fat and weighs 300 to 350. A green turtle grows 2-4 inches every year. Green turtles eat vegetation and animals like jellyfish


The Green Turtle lives most of its life in warm seas. They are commonly found in warm seas in along the northern coasts in both the United States and in England. They can also be found in Australia, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


There are 300-400 nesting green turtles left right now in Florida. There is not much more than 2,000 nesting females in the world.

Why they are endangered

A Green Turtle is endangered because they are prized by turtle hunters. Their vealike meat is useful for making things like turtle steak or or soup. We need to protect the turtles by putting them safe in zoos and try to prevent turtle hunters from killing these sweet animals.

Interesting facts

  • Luckily ,these animals can lay up too 200 eggs at a time. If they layed less at a time, there probably would not be any alive right now.
  • Some turtles can live up to 100 years
  • Green turtles were around when dinosaurs became extinct
  • Unfortunately, only about one of a hundred green turtles born survive for more than a year


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