University of Texas at El Paso

important information

College payments and etc. (genereal information)

  1. What is the SAT score and/or ACT score needed for admission?

about 1350 or higher and ACT composite scores of 18 or higher.

  1. What GPA is needed for admission?


  1. Explain how someone applies to this college.

If someone was going to apply to the university of El Paso they would have to send act score and sat score

and what they ranked as in there class.

Tuition can cost up to $17,456

For Room and Board its usually $9,080

And for books and extra fees its $1,719

If you were wondering about 85% of students receive aid

67% get federal aid

56% get state aid

47% get loans

This school offers many activites around the campus for example,

aboard oppertunties

Rotc: Army

Rotc: Air Force

This school provides many engineering programs such as

Civil Engineering, General

Computer Engineering, General

Construction Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Engineering, General

Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering

industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Systems Engineering

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    Address: 799689, 500 W University Ave, El Paso, TX 79902

The reason this college would be a good college for me is because this college only needs a 2.0 to get accepted and they provide many majors in my field just in case im not sure which one i wanna be in.