Patagonia, Argentina

Best trip ever

You should go to Patagonia ,Argentina. It is known as one of the best places to snowmobile,ski, and the weather is awesome. Don't wait it will be the trip of your life.


Patagonia, Argentina has some of the best snowmobile trails. If you go off trail, “which who doesn’t go off trail”, you can go up hills and mess around where ever you want.

You can stay for as long as you want because there are cabins you can stay in overnight. You would want to bring the right snowmobile so you don't get stuck on the trail so don't bring an Artic Cat,”you might be on the trail for a while”.


There is also some of the best mountains to ski on. The ski huts are big heated log cabins that you will want to go back to. You can stay at ski resorts also. If you want to ski down some big mountains then you should go here.


The weather here is the same as in canada. The summer is really nice and warm and there is a lot of beaches you can stay at all day. The sun is always shining and it's never to hot or too cold. It doesn't snow there in the spring like where we live. In Patagonia spring and fall are shorter, winter and summer are longer. In the winter it gets to a low of -2 and in the summer it can get to a high of 40. There is normally only 2000mm of rain a year.


Now you can see this is your dream trip because it has some of the best snowmobiling, skiing and the best weather. So act soon because summers coming soon.