Your Stars Align in 2016

Let's Get To WORK!

Two Give-Aways!

Mixing Up the 2242!

Are you ready to KICK-START your 2016!? The holidays have come and gone, you've declared your goals and now it's time to GET. TO. WORK. This is when we turn the dreams into your reality! Visualize yourself at the finish line - you're worth it!

We're all about the 2242. But we're going to accelerate that just a little bit to get the gears in motion. NO ONE can say they have enough trunk shows for Q1! So let's get to booking!

The only thing standing between YOU and your 2016 Goal is Trunk Shows - so let's get them on the books! We'll pace this over the next few weeks so you're not exhausted! You'll need 10 to contact per you can make a list of at least 50 now or 10 per day. BUT WHATEVER PATH YOU CHOOSE....STAY ON IT! Don't give up. Give this a shot. I promise you'll get results!


Yep. We know you love the chance at winning FABULOUS prizes....and our Stars love GIVING fabulous prizes! Daily...find the Words to Say on our Team Page. Use them to contact 10 a day and you're entered to WIN! You're worth it!

Meet the STARS!

Fatima Malik - Star Stylist!

Her Gift:

Kate Spade Leroy Street wristlet....I love a good wallet and adore this "ruby red" Kate Spade!! Soft, buttery leather and a super cute bow on the strap. Who can resist?!

I've been a stylist for over 4 years and absolutely love what Stella & Dot has brought to my life! I started as a hobbyist who just wanted a style fix and some fun money....I never imagined I would still be doing this almost 5 years later! I feel so lucky to have found this amazing opportunity and to have met some of the most amazing women I know in my team mates, my customers and hostesses. What could be more fun?! I love being able to stay home with my girls...theu are my biggest supporters and are always cheering me on to my goals. I'm so proud to be able to show them that anything is possible with hard work and the right attitude. My goal in the new year is Heart Of Leadership Star--with a big move on the horizon for my family, this is going to be a challenge, but I can't wait to see what a new city will do for my business!

Top Tip:
Consistency is key!! Whether you're a hobbyist or going for a huge goal, stay consistent in your actions to get you there. The 2242 is really all you changed my business!!

Liz Krull - Star Stylist

Her Gift:
A Kate Spade business card holder with the winner's initial. A cute way to make sure you're never without a way to share your contact info with a prospective customer when you're out and about!

Her Story:

I started with Stella & Dot 2.5 years ago, and like most of us my "why" has changed a few times! I started out just wanting a fun way to earn free accessories- I loved it all. Then I realized it was a great supplemental income to my full-time job...more shopping and family vacations! I recently resigned from my full-time job to spend more time at home with my 3 little ones. It was much less scary to resign knowing I had an amazing business in my back pocket to continue to provide for my family. This business truly can change and grow with you!

Her 2016 Goal:
To work my business more CONSISTENTLY! Do a little bit each day to move the business forward- booking, selling and sponsoring.

Let your love and enthusiasm for Stella & Dot shine! If others can see how much fun you are having your enthusiasm will be contagious and booking and sponsoring is that much easier. Don't worry what people "might think"...the worst thing that can happen is they say no...but they just might say YES!