Math Smore: October 10-14

All Assignments due Friday!


1. Do the Correct or Incorrect Activity. Attach it to your contract!

2. IXL D.3 Get this to whatever grade you would like to have in the grade book. Grade goes in on Friday. Write the score you ended with on your Contract for the week.


1. Set a timer for 10 minutes: Go to Moby Max through Clever and work on Fact Fluency.

2. Factors and Multiples Task Cards. Attach you recording sheet to your contract.

3. Ten Marks: OA.4 Factors and Multiples. Write your score for this on your Contract for the week.

4. When you finish today, please be sure to check and make sure all starred ixl assignments are complete. Check Ten Marks to make sure all your assignments are turned in and all amplifiers are complete!


1. Ten Marks: OA. 4 Prime and Composite Numbers.

2. Do the Exit Ticket and Turn It in to the Math basket.


1. Do the QR Task Cards. When you finish, come and get an answer sheet and check your answers.

2. Take your CFA for OA.4. This will be in Bubble Sheet. Do your best!!

Early finishers, does anyone want dessert?

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If you've completed your work for the day, you can play one of these games with a partner.

1. Play Wicked Witch Multiplication Game with a partner.

2. Play Multiplication Football Game with a partner.

3. Complete the Prime Number Maze for Extra Credit!