by: Cole Gatz and Blake Fleming

What is a Biofuel?

BIOFUEL: A fuel derived directly from living matter

Since regular fuels like gasoline are non-renewable and pollute the Earth, Scientists are working on Earth friendly fuels.


Ethanol is an extract from the common crop corn, but is a great biofuel that is already being used. Almost all american gasoline contains some percentage of ethanol. A Scottish Chemist named Archibald Scott Couper in the 1800's first started working with ethanol. Two types of ethanol are E-85 and E-15, E-85 is a blend of about 52% ethanol and E-15 is about 12% ethanol. Ethanol is a biofuel because it is a renewable source, unlike gasoline, and burns cleanly.

Future Biofuels

Scientists are working on new ways to improve transportation with new eco-friendly fuels. Some are trying to create fuels out of municipal and agricultural waste. Others are also hoping to someday create biobutanol or biodiesel. Soon, the whole world will be using clean fuel.

By: Cole Gatz and Blake Fleming

Ms. Schaefer

Period 3