WEEK 7 BULLETIN (October 17-21, 2016)

Beethoven's Mission

"To provide a safe, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to achieve their personal best through collective efforts from teachers, staff, parents and the community. Data motivated instruction will compliment our high expectations for all students to become confident, capable and compassionate citizens."

Week 6 Instructional Feedback

As we enter into Week 7, I want to thank each teacher that is going above and beyond to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of instruction for our students. This past week, many of you have seen visitors from the Network observing instruction in your classroom. Overall, we received some pretty good feedback as it relates to the classroom environment, but our quality of instruction and rigor was rather low. Please see the below feedback that is directly from the Network:

Praise (What’s working):

  • Components of balanced literacy evident in many classrooms
  • Small group rotation and routine usage evident in a few classrooms
  • Instructional and behavioral structure in place for upper grade math classroom. Good classroom management.

Push (Concerns):

  • Objectives and daily agenda not posted or visible in most classrooms
  • Classroom libraries lack evidence of organization or student usage in most classrooms
  • Loss of instruction in classrooms covered by substitute teachers due to poor classroom management for some primary grade classrooms
  • Work with teacher to restructure the 1st grade classroom to better serve small group/cohorts
  • Student work is not posted in many classrooms (re-organization of many classrooms occurred on 10.3.16)
  • Low level of rigor for assigned tasks in 5th grade classroom

- Writing spelling words 5-10xs each

- Alphabetizing words

- Writing consonants and vowels in different colors

Polish (Things to think about/suggestions):

  • How is the work differentiated to address individual needs, including enrichment, for the upper grade math class?
  • Are teachers required to submit lesson plans prior to Monday morning to assist with possible absences?
  • Are there emergency lesson plans available for substitute teachers to follow?

Each teacher received a list of Beethoven Non-Negotiables that I expect to be implemented immediately. Also, you received some general feedback and directives about Stage 3 of the UbD Unit Plan. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult your ILT Lead or Administration.

Unit Plan Submission/Implementation

This week I had the opportunity to review just about all of the Instructional Units. I emailed teachers individually to provide feedback and next steps. Please ensure that you update/correct Unit #1 by Sunday, Oct. 16th.

Overall, we are making great progress... There is still some fine tuning that needs to happen; especially with Stage 3. Please refer to the email that was sent out on Wednesday by Mrs. Payton for further details.

NOTE: Unit #2 is due for all teachers on October 30th in your Google Drive.

Daily Student Attendance

This week our attendance average is 96.1%. Thanks to each staff member that encourages our students to be in class everyday. Your efforts are showing! Let's keep this culture going and growing.

Our students who had Perfect Attendance for the month of September 2016 will be going to the UniverSoul Circus towards the end of this month!!! Let's keep up the great work!

REACH Observerations

Formal REACH Observations will being the week of October 17th. I will send a separate email to teachers that will have Pre-Conference information in it. If you are having trouble with Reflect and Learn, please reach out to Administration immediately.

Instructional Deadlines and Dates to Remember

REACH Performance Task are due on October 28, 2016. The winners of our first to submit are Dr. Lane, Mrs. Bortnick, and Ms. Wood. Congrats!!!! Please see me on Friday, Oct. 17th for your prize!!!!

"Teacher/ESP Feature!!!"

Our Teacher/ESP Feature for the month of September is Ms. Caroline Dunlap!!! Ms. Dunlap goes above and beyond her normal duties to ensure that Beethoven is always on top. Thanks to Ms. Dunlap, Beethoven is approaching 100% of all Lunch Forms being turned in. This was no easy feat, but Ms. Dunlap work diligently in order to make it happy. Kudos to you Ms. Dunlap!!!

We will be our Feature for October?

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to forward any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have to me directly.


Dr. Marcus Alexander


Beethoven Elementary School

25 W. 47th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

Office: 773-535-1480

Fax: 773-535-1478