The Colosseum

By TJ Rouse

Before We Start

Did you know there is a building in Rome, Italy that is still standing at 1,945 years old? The Colosseum is a giant battle arena built in 72 AD in Rome, Italy during the Roman Empire. In this article you will learn about how it was made, how it entertains people, and the Colosseum today.

How it was Built

The Colosseum was made in 72 AD. Romans finished building it 80 AD. Over 50,000 could fit in it. This gigantic building took up 6 acres of land. It is 620 feet long, 512 feet wide, and 158 Feet tall. Romans ued 1.1 million tons of concrete to build this beautiful building.

Entertaining People

The Colosseum was a bad place to be one of the entertainers. for entertainment they had slaves fight to the death. We called those people gladiators. They didn't just fight each other they fought animals. All different people went to watch this terrible thing just entertainment.

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The Colosseum Today

The Colosseum today is in great shape for how old it is. A big peace has fallen off it. The Colosseum is a big tourist attraction. It has lots of history behind and for some people that is very important.

Last of All

The Colosseum was a very important and disturbing time in history. Thousands of people have suffered and died for others entertainment. next time you're in Rome Italy checkout the the beautiful Colosseum.