Social Media Analytics

Boost your business with social media analytics

Social media platforms are regularly used by businesses for product launches, market themselves and stay in touch with their customers. In fact these platforms act as counters through

which you can not only showcase your business but also broaden your customer base and gain loyalty from your existing clients. One medium through which you can easily understand the performance of your products and the sentiments of your customers on social media is through social media analytics (SMA).

Social media analytics deals with the gathering of data from social media websites, blogs and of stakeholder conversations and processing this data into a structured insight on the virtual engagement of your business. Based on these insights you can make intelligent business decisions, come up with strategies and work on the brand building of your products. Precisely due to this reason, social media analytics is also called social media monitoring and social media listening.

This data collection is done with the help of a vast range of tools based on your business requirement. The main social media channels from the data is collected are forums, blogs, image sharing websites, classifieds, press releases, Q & As, reviews and complaints, aggregators, video sharing sites etc.

Contrary to popular belief, the data provided by social media analytics goes way beyond counting the number of 'followers, shares and likes'. Rather it is a measure of the intention of purchase / conversion rate and tracking of key performance indicators (KPI). With the help of the data collected by the analytics, entrepreneurs can figure out where exactly is their business standing and what needs to be done to improve its performance and fill all the loopholes.

There are various tools with which you can conduct this analytics. Some of free of cost, while there are a few which you need to purchase in order to conduct the analytics. Here is a list of tools which are not only free of cost but also help guage the direction your business is heading to.

Google Analytics

The best tool to analyze the traffic on your website, with this tool you can easily get the referral statistics of your social media marketing.


This tool enables you to get all the major engagement statistics for every update which is posted by you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. It has this amazing feature of Top Post/ Top Tweet badge which pops up each time an update goes beyond the average performance.


With this tool you can get an in-depth analysis of your hashtag campaign. Based on the data provided by it you can track the popularity and success of your branded hashtag. It also provides you with an option to save your hashtag search which you can use for future reference.

Apart from these SMA tools, Tailwind, SumAll, Iconosquare and Followerwonk too are some of the most useful tools which can be availed free of cost.

Based on your area of interest and the level on which you aim to place your business, you can make use of these tools and other social media analytics data and reap benefits.