Class 8

Interpersonal Metafunction: Evaluation: Appraisal

Interpersonal Function: Negotiation & Evaluation

Interpersonal Meanings: Registerial Variable of Tenor: power, frequency of contact, emotional involvement.

Subjective marks of the locutor

Speech functions: initiating and responding moves. Speech Acts: Illocutionary functions. Preference: supporting and confronting types.

Cooperation, Implicature, Politeness

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Evaluation: Appraisal Theory

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Attitude & Graduation

Positive or negative assessment? What is our positioning towards the proposition or proposal?

Feelings and emotions --> Affect

Ethics, Moral issues, sanction or approval --> Judgement

Aesthetics, valuation, likeability --> Appreciation

High or low value or graduation? Intensified or minimised?


Concerned with the presentation of voices and the locutor's positioning:

Monogloss: attempt at objectivity (cfr.: grammatical metaphors for modalization!)

Heterogloss, polyphonic:

  • disclaimers, concessions?
  • projection: acknowledging or entertaining other voices? directly or indirectly?
  • negative polarity: entertaining different perspectives
  • modality: entertaining different perspectives, ethos and subjectivity