By: Shivani Patel and Emily Ziperman

Name of Vaccine

Measles vaccine

Illness Prevented

The most effective way of preventing measles is the MMR vaccine which should be given to you first at 13 months old. Measles can also be prevented by avoiding physical contact with other people because the virus is spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Age Given/ Circumstances Given

The vaccine should be given at 9-13 months old. (the first vaccine) But if the vaccine is not given, there is a high chance of a young toddler to acquire the virus.

Symtoms of Disease

1) Cold

-runny nose

- sneezing

2) Coughing (dry)

3) Fever

4) Red eyes

5) Sensitivity to light

6) Grey-white spots in the mouth and throat

7) Dry throat

8) A skin rash made up of large, flat blotches

4) Inflamed eyes

Does this disease cause death?!

Yes, Measles does cause death. In fact, Measles cause 2.6 million deaths each year!

Possible Side Affects of Vaccination

Very little side effects, mild reactions to:

1) Soreness

2) Redness

3) Swelling where the shot was given

4) Mild rash

5) Mild fever

6) Pain

7) Stiffness

8) Swelling in the joints