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Region Chiang Mai

The second largest city in Thailand is very different compared to Bangkok. Although it is a large city it is much more quiet. For tourists the area around the moat is the main hub of Chiang Mai. Here you can find many bars and restaurants with all kinds of food from all over the world.

The climate in Chiang Mai is a bit cooler than the more southern regions. There are also many mountains but there is no sea or beach nearby.

Many tourists come here for activity based holidays. There is a lot of choices involving quad bikes and mountain bikes, climbing, ziplines and many more.

In the city the main form of transportation is the Songtaew. It is basically an open Minivan and ideal for travelling around. You will also find a lot of TukTuks. For more detailed information you can read the transportation section. You can also choose to rent a motobike or bicycle. Make sure you can handle the traffic though, it is not Bangkok but it can get busy!
The handicraft in and around Chiang Mai is highly regarded. The main shopping street is the Night Bazaar and the adjascent Night Market. You can find a lot of souvenirs here of varying quality and price. Also visit the Sunday Market at Tapae Gate, again many of the same products but the market feels a bit more authentic.
If you like temples you will love Chiang Mai. There are many different types of Temples in walking distance and the main temple the Doi Suthep. Often considered a must-see in Chiang Mai but you must know this temple is a tourist attraction, not the best place to experience Bhuddist culture.

Points of Interest

Chiang Mai - Evening Market
Sunday Market: The Sunday Market at the Tapae gate is a long and interesting market. You can purchase souvenirs, handicraft and food. There are also a lot of street performers making live music.
Chiang Mai - Night Market
Night Bazaar and Night Market: Here you can find many souvenirs and on the market you can see people making handicraft item like wood and soap carvings.
Chiang Mai - Flight of the Gibbon

Zipline: There are a couple of companies offering a zipline adventure, Flight of the Gibbon is the most famous. You go from plateau to plateau on a zipline a very high altitudes. It is an exciting but a safe trip and you will also see some actual Gibbon monkeys living in the trees.

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