Kinder Corner

Week of March 20-24

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1st Round of STAAR Testing is Next Week

The upper grades are beginning their first round of State Assessments, or STAAR next week. These tests require that we follow some security procedures building-wide that will be strictly enforced:

  • No visitors/volunteers will be permitted at lunch or at any other time in the building next week.

  • Silence in the hallways and at our Kindergarten bathrooms/sinks is required, because testing will be occurring in the rooms that share a wall with our bathrooms.

While Kindergarten is not directly involved in testing, a school-wide effort is necessary to create the best environment for the students who are. Please reinforce this with your child.

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Spring Fever

  • With the time change, we have noticed that many Kindergartners are sleepier than usual and are having a tougher time focusing and exercising self-control. They are telling us that they are tired. Please note that recommended sleep time for children this age is 10-12 hours every night.

  • We are also noticing that Spring Fever has hit. There is much more social activity and less focus on academics since we got back from Spring Break, which is creating a learning environment that isn't functioning at its best. Please reinforce to your child that we still have lots of school left, and we need to be focused on learning each day.

Thank you for your support, as always.

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Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts/Social Studies:

  • Review Kk, Ll, Uu
  • Review little, said, here, was
  • Poems


2D shapes


Comparing Plants