cool place to take a trip

Major citys

The capital city is Winnipeg. Winnipeg is a transportation center and over 100 languages are spoken. Brandon is known for making wheat. Some other cities are Thompson, churchill and Morden

3 cool places to visit are:

park Asessippi, park Pembia and park Whiteshell provical park. park whiteshell has lots of water falls lakes and has golf tours and water skiing and in the winter you can go skiing or snow boarding theres also canoing and scuba diving in the summer

Size of Manitoba:

Manitoba's size is pretty big it is 647,800 square kilometers and the population is just over one million people.

The land forms in Manitoba:

In Manitoba land forms include praries , hard wood forests borial taiga and subarctic tundra.Manitoba also includes rivers and lakes.

land forms in Winnipeg:

In Winnipeg some land forms are over thaousands of years old. In Winnipeg land forms are water related and have helped shape the city and its history. And there is no mountains in Winnipeg.

My wonder questions:

Are there any famous people yes Adam Beach, Scott Bairstow and Randy Bachman. Are there any famous buildings yes there is they are York factory Prince of whales fort located in Curchill and there is also lower Garry fort. The last wonder question is how cold does it get in winter.It gets minus 18 celceus.

where manitoba is located in windsor:

In Windsor Manitoba is located on the east side of Windsor. Winnipeg is located on the south side of Manitoba. Brandon is also located on the south side of Manitoba. Churchil is located on the east side of Manitoba. And finaly Thompson is located in the central of Manitoba.

Some names for lakes in Manitoba are:

Red deer lake, Falcon lake Oxford lake and Molson lake and many more.

The map of Manitoba

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Here are some pictures in Manitoba

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Pipestone, Manitoba July 27 2015 Tornado